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Video Submission Huntsville AL

Video Submission & Sharing

Video is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of media on the web. With the likes of YouTube, Google Video and Bing Video leading the way, videos are extremely powerful forms of marketing and promotion for your company. Not only is the content of the videos importantly but equally as important is how you submit them.

How you submit your videos is critical and should be based on the predetermined goals of your overall SEO Campaign. The way in which you title, describe and tag your videos can make an enormous difference in whether your video is found and ultimately viewed. But also, it can affect the search engine results pages too. For example, if you searched for "Comedian" in google (opens in separate window), you will see not only the natural search results, but also some videos right there in the results too - not JUST if you click on the video tab, but right there on the main search page.

Also, as another powerful way of getting even more exposure from your videos, is to submit them to the major video websites, but then to embed them into your website or blog also. We can help you with this functionality as well through our website development.

Video Submission packages submits your video details (Title, Description, and Tags) to High Ranking Video sites, such as YouTube, MetaCafe, etc - done manually. Once the services are completed, we provide you with a detailed report for verification.